TruckBook provides leading brands with capacity in real time with seamless logistics operations backed by AI-powered data-driven platform that ensures a 100% safe and timely freight shipping every time
Redefining the way you freight
Asset-based capacity
TruckBook offers top-notch shipping services making freight movement more convenient and saving freight cost by leveraging top-notch shipping services offered by a large network of 50,000+ owner operators available instantaneously.
Real-time updates
Embedded with Geofencing tools, our Trucker GPS App lets you get real-time location updates on where and how your shipment is moving, minimizing the hassle of multiple calls
Data-driven insights
TruckBook leverages more than 500+ data points enabling you to optimize operations and save time on both ends, resulting in cost-effective processes.
Industry-leading brands love working with us
listen from our Users
How TruckBook ensures limitless (efficient, reliable) capacity.
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Understanding your Shipping Needs
Assessing the load type, equipment, schedule, pick-n drop and the load frequency to find the best possible freight shipping for you
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Finding the Best

Leveraging 100+ data points, we pick the best owner operators from our network 75,000+ carriers
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Dispatch is Assigned
To the best owner operators from our AI-powered platform where you get real-time location updates of the shipment
Got Questions?
Yes, TruckBook App allows you to track the real time status through live GPS tracking on your shipments, from where the load is picked up in transit to when it’s dropped off at its destination.
To get started with TruckBook, you need to fill out the form with all the required information, and our team will contact you shortly.
Yes. We work together with different units and companies. This ensures you have better access to information, improve your operational movements, and streamline your systems. You can also track and manage your freight across the supply chain in real time.
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