Utilize Every Single Driving Minute And Earn More With Every Mile

Find Top Loads And Haul Efficiently With Technology For Truckers

Your mornings shouldn’t be spent looking for loads across multiple platforms because now you can find top-paying loads on a single platform, created for truckers.

We simplify time-taking processes of your driving with technology, like finding and booking loads, backhauls and right parking spots and fastest trucking routes, and process instant payments after every delivery. So, you can maximize your driving time and grow your business by making the most of each trip you take.

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Every trucker’s day starts with fidgeting through multiple loadboards hoping to find decent loads fitting their current location and schedule. TruckBook changes that by bringing together top loads from the best loadboards in one place where you can book loads based on your location, schedule and equipment type with just a few clicks
Our AI-powered platform processes real-time data related to all the loads available in your current location and nearby to fetch the best backhauls available on your route to the delivery destination. Thus, you are informed about all the backhauls and possible trip options in advance to choose the most suitable and profitable one with the minimum deadhead miles.

Uploading invoices and PODs after load deliveries has never been simpler. TruckBook’s real-time factoring done by reliable financial services enables payments within 24 hours of delivery. You don’t have to wait for weeks for payments any more. Upload the documents directly on the app with just a few clicks and get paid within 24 hours.

Booking America’s Top-Paying Loads Has Never Been Easier

Find Loads

Click and find loads in your current location that fit your schedule, equipment type and rate expectations.

Send Interest & Get Confirmation

Send instant requests to the loads of your preferences and get confirmation within a couple of hours

Ready To Haul

Once your load request is confirmed, you get your trip planned with all the backhauls options. And you are ready to haul hassle-free.

Get Instantly Paid

After completing the delivery, easily upload the POD documents in the app and get instantly paid.

Trucking Navigation: Haul On The Fastest Trucking Routes

When driving time is limited, finding truck stops in-between your trip can burn away precious time. TruckBook’s trucking navigation proactively finds you the fastest trucking routes avoiding construction, storms and similar situations and suggests you top-recommended truck stops like food stops, fuel stations, repair shops, salons, grocery stores, rest areas and many more. So, you drive on the most time and cost-effective trucking routes with ease.

Fuel Stations

Repair Shops

Weigh Stations

Parking Availabilty

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AI Powered Feature
AI-Powered Platform: Created Specially For Truckers

TruckBook uses cutting-edge logistics technology to make load hauling more convenient, hassle-free and profitable for owner-operators. The easy-to-use app simplifies your day-to-day functions. Whether it is finding loads, getting accurate location or finding the place of interests, it just takes a few clicks on the interactive user interface, created specially for truckers.

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Got Questions?
No, TruckBook is not a load board. We designed our mobile-first platform, which empowers owner operators to manage their dispatch quickly. We bring loads from top shippers across the country together- all in one platform. So that you can maximize your revenue while staying flexible and being home when you want to be.
TruckBook’s AI-Powered mobile app allows you to manage your dispatch lightning fast. You don’t have to spend hours negotiating with brokers, which helps you make better decisions on which loads to haul and increase revenue.
TruckBook aggregates loads from multiple sources. You can find the top 1% freight and book the best that suits your driving preferences.
Yes, TruckBook has DOT and MC numbers that you can drive under.
Yes, TruckBook allows you to book loads with your own federal authority. All you need to do is upload the documents to get started.
To get started with TruckBook, you need to fill out the onboarding form with all required documents and information, and our team will get back to you shortly. Once your documents are verified successfully, you are ready to book loads and start hauling with TruckBook.
TruckBook currently offers – Dry Van loads, Flatbed loads, and Reefer loads (drop and hook).
Yes, we also have dedicated loads, which you can book once you complete the onboarding process.
We request you to avoid booking such loads unless you are not sure you can deliver. To cancel the load, contact our operation team via call; they will send a request to the broker.
No. We don’t currently support bidding as many brokers don’t allow bidding directly.
Yes, TruckBook gives you the flexibility to book loads as per your preferred destination and trailer type.
Once you deliver the load to the destination, you must go to the ‘Documents’ Section and submit Proof Of Delivery (POD). Our team will verify the document and ensure you get paid within 24 hours after your POD is verified successfully.

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