Avoid Spending Hours Searching For Truck Parking Spots

While driving with TruckBook navigation App, the one less thing to worry about down the road is spending hours finding truck parking spots. Plan your trip with our navigation and get access to truck parking stops, rest areas, motels, and more. You can save valuable time and be more efficient on the road.

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Find Safe Truck Parking Nearby

Find and reserve a safe parking spot from any location with TruckBook’s truck Navigation, and drive the distance knowing there is a safe parking spot waiting for your truck.

Find A Safe Place To Rest Without Wasting Time

Get access to a wide variety of truck parking spots that include places like rest areas and truck stops with safe and secure parking for your truck to rest and sleep. With TruckBook navigation, finding truck parking is much more manageable during your trips.

Finding Nearest Truck Parking Spots

Get Real Time Availability Update

Worry Free Resting Area

Saves Time and Money

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Truck Maps are made especially for truckers. After all, trucks aren’t like your standard car – while some of them can be driven everywhere, there are quite a few that can only use certain types of roads. Plus, what about avoiding low bridges? With Truck Maps, you just enter in the type of truck you own, and we’ll show you the best route for it – something Google Maps doesn’t do.


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