Truck Broke Down Suddenly? Get It Repaired Instantly On The Go!

We strive to make your on-road experience convenient and safe. Find the nearest truck repair shops and roadside assistance available 24/7 with TruckBook Navigation App, allowing you to be more efficient with your driving time.

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Truck Repair Shop Feature on TruckBook
Truck Repair Shop Feature on TruckBook

Find Nearest Truck Repair Shop On The GO

Navigate roads with minimum hassle with TruckBook’s navigation. You can find a truck repair shop nearby that offers quality repair and maintenance and also provides 24-hour emergency roadside service to make every ride smooth and optimized.

Keep Your Truck Moving with 24*7 Roadside Assistance

Get access to repair shops readily available on the roadways that ensure the safe and smooth operation of your trucks. You can also call a technician directly from the TruckBook app if emergency assistance is needed on the road.

24/7 Emergency Repair Shop Nearby

Call Technician For On-Road Assistance

Save Time And Drive Hassle Free

Navigate On Truck Safe Road

Truck Repair Stations on TruckBook App
Truck Repair Stations on TruckBook App

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Truck Maps are made especially for truckers. After all, trucks aren’t like your standard car – while some of them can be driven everywhere, there are quite a few that can only use certain types of roads. Plus, what about avoiding low bridges? With Truck Maps, you just enter in the type of truck you own, and we’ll show you the best route for it – something Google Maps doesn’t do.


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