Get Weigh Station Alerts In Advance

TruckBook’s Navigation App helps you find truck weigh stations nearby, and you can check whether truck scales are OPEN or CLOSED so that you can get your truck weighed as soon as you have finished loading and unloading and save time while you are still on the road.

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Weigh Stations on TruckBook App
Weigh Stations on TruckBook App

Weigh Station Status Locator

More than thousands of truck drivers on the road are updating the real-time status of weigh stations, and TruckBook reliably reflects the previously updated status as if the weigh station is OPEN or CLOSED. So that you can take an exit only when required.

Save Time And Be More Efficient On-Road

With TruckBook navigation, you can find the nearest OPEN weigh station and plan your routes to avoid unnecessary detours or delays caused by stopping at weigh stations when not required.

Finding Nearest weighing station

Get Current Status Alert

Save Your Precious Time And Fuel

Update Trailer Details For Best Route

CAT Weigh Scale on TruckBook App
CAT Weigh Scale on TruckBook App

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