Benefits of Networking With Truckers On TruckBook

infographic about the benefits of networking with truckers on truckbook

Friends often make better business partners. XX Trucking company was started by these two friends which is a good example. 

TruckBook networking can help you find your next business partner or investor!

When you log in to the TruckBook app, it greets you on the “home” screen which is a professional trucking community that helps you connect with people who share similar interests. You can share your experiences with other individuals in the trucking community and build your trucking network! 

Benefits of Networking on TruckBook

Building better connections

As per research, 30,000 truckers with connections from the same industry were able to get 2X times faster jobs than others!

Networking greatly helps to establish business contacts and referral networks. When you create connections based on shared interests and goals, you are able to relate to each other’s problems and easily find ways to solve them together. It creates a sense of trust between the people and helps them achieve their goals.          

New perspectives and fresh ideas

We’ve always heard that “Two heads are better than one”. What is even better is two like-minded people with similar goals, coming together and forming valuable connections. That is what TruckBook aims for. Your connections can be a source of new perspectives and ideas which open the doors to new insights that you may have otherwise not thought of. 

Build self-confidence

It is true that networking doesn’t come naturally to people. Some might dread the thought of interacting with a stranger. But all there is to do is to get started!

Once you have your first interaction with a fellow trucker on TruckBook, it will help you gain self-confidence and put yourself out there. The second time won’t look scary anymore and in no time you will find yourself sharing trucking insights with drivers and helping each other succeed!

Get career advice and support

In challenging times like these, people would gladly be willing to help members of their community who are looking for work. With the help of your connections, you can get career advice, share relevant job listings, share interview tactics, and other helpful resources.

So, go ahead and connect with fellow truckers around the US. This will certainly benefit you in the long run. 

We’re always here to ease out the process of hunting a trucking job. Reach out to us at Happy trucking!

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