Boost Your Followers on TruckBook App

TruckBook is one the most effective platforms for reaching truckers and professionals in your space, If you don’t know how to maximize the impact of your activity and outreach on TruckBook App, to help you establish deeper connections with your current connections and others who may be interested in your profile.

Here are few recommended proven methods for increasing engagement on TruckBook App:

Write And Post Consistently

Be consistent with posting and writing your thoughts. To engage followers on any platform, you must have a solid presence and post regularly. Your posts should share the work you do, the destination you travel to, and serve as information for your followers. In addition to sharing your own work, show your knowledge and expertise by engaging with others and commenting thoughtfully on their posts.

Become A Value-Add

On TruckBook, and other professional social media platforms in general, the ideal way to increase engagement is to provide value by sharing actionable, practical, and insightful content. And perhaps, more importantly, make sure you treat everyone in your network how you would like to be treated by responding promptly to comments, feedback, and questions.

Be Interested In Others First

As the saying goes, if you want to be interesting to people, you first need to be interested in them. Start by commenting and engaging with other people’s content. This builds awareness and trust in the long term, and it will come back tenfold. Of course, ensuring that your content is engaging and invites an ongoing conversation is a must. So start the dialogue and scratch the monologue. 

Build Relationships Beyond Likes

Develop relationships with your followers beyond the likes. Share what you believe. Build a strong connection and meet each other if you are on the same route. When people see you take an interest in them beyond their like, they feel personally attached to you. They will then share your content with others, and you will naturally broaden your reach.

Show Your Face

It’s great to see pictures. We find that there’s a higher engagement rate whenever a person shows their face via selfie or video. Now, more than ever, connection and engagement are key. Have fun! Show your authentic passion for your work and lifestyle, and the rest will follow.

Ask Questions In Your Posts

People are more likely to engage if they can answer a question. Follow people whose posts add value and share a common interest. Agree to post and comment on each others’ posts frequently. Their followers will also see your posts and engage with you too—win-win!

Offer Sneak Peeks ‘Behind The Scenes’

Some of the most engaging posts are ones where we get a sneak peek “behind the scenes.” This might be your success story, the real struggle of life,  your co-driver doing a funny thing, you fixing up your truck, making your truck DOT ready, sharing the hidden talent of your friend, or share your moments from home-time. Empathy creates connection, so keep it real.


Have fun! Show your authentic passion for your work and lifestyle, and the rest will follow.

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