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If you’ve been searching for a job for a long time now, you know how hard the process might get. Among other job search strategies, “Calling recruiters directly” is a great one. Though it might seem direct, reaching out to your recruiters is socially acceptable and a great way to get your name out there.

TruckBook has introduced the “Call recruiters” feature to help you boost your job search. This can be a great opportunity to pitch your skills and start the process of being considered for a job. A careful approach and some persistence will surely help you succeed!

You can now get free access to directly call thousands of recruiters on TruckBook and reach one step closer to landing the best trucking job for you!

With these simple steps, start exploring TruckBook Jobs!

  • Scroll through 3000+ job postings on TruckBook
  • Apply to the jobs that interest you
  • Contact recruiters who match your preferences 

Yes, you’re right! Your job search just got simpler and quicker! 

What’s stopping you from contacting recruiters from top-notch trucking companies? Start reaching out before it’s too late! 

It’s time to get the numbers dialing!

Tip: If the opportunity doesn’t workout, you can ask the recruiter to keep you in mind for future jobs. 

Interesting, right? Let us know your best job search strategies in the comments below! 

We’re always here to ease out the process of hunting a trucking job. Reach out to us at Happy trucking! 

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