Find Jobs on TruckBook – Best Practices

jobs on truckbook

There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your jobs on TruckBook and to ensure that your profile stands out to employers and recruiters. Check out some best practices for how you can make a good impression, build your network, and discover the right opportunities.


Find the Right Job

  1. You can easily search for jobs on TruckBook from the Jobs homepage and narrow down your results using search for location filters.
  2. Consider researching the companies and ways you can recognize and avoid fraudulent tactics before you apply.
  3. If you have any concerns about a job post, you can report it.
  4. Set up job alerts based on your previous job searches, preferences, and specific companies to ensure you’ll regularly receive relevant job notifications.


Update Your TruckBook Profile

Find Jobs on TruckBook
  1. Add a recent profile photo.
  2. Update your current location.
  3. Update your experience information.
  4. Add your driving preferences.
  5. Add trailer types.
  6. Upload CDL information to get notified immediately.


Expand Your Professional Network

  1. Connect with the TruckBook community to share a professional relationship with them.
  2. Explore topics and conversations of interest in the TruckBook feed section.
  3. Request a referral to the position you’re seeking if one of your connections works at the hiring company.
  4. Contact the job poster via direct line (when available) to tell them why you want the job.
  5. Engage with content posted by the companies you’re interested in.

 Check out additional tips to get hired immediately.

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