How to Apply For a Job via TruckBook ?

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Finding a job that matches your interests has become a challenge in the trucking industry. As a result, drivers tend to settle for less than what they truly deserve. 

To help truck drivers land jobs with the best trucking companies, TruckBook acts as a great platform. With top companies like Werner enterprise, Go Express, etc, actively posting jobs, drivers like you can get access to the best jobs tailored for you. Take a read about how to apply for a job via TruckBook.

How can TruckBook help?

TruckBook has a number of tools that are uniquely crafted keeping in mind the various problems faced by truckers. 

One among them is the “Jobsearch” feature that TruckBook offers through which drivers who are open to jobs can find one just within 24 hours!

Steps to get a job through TruckBook

Find the perfect job for you by following these simple steps.

  1. Create a driver’s account on TruckBook.
  2. For better experience and job recommendations, a user-friendly form appears soon after you log into TruckBook. Fill in the details like your experience, location preference, education, etc., and get started!
  3. By clicking on the “Jobs” option on the dashboard, the app directs you to the job listing page.
  4. Scroll through various live jobs posted by trucking and logistics companies as well as freight owners. Apply for jobs that best suit you by clicking on the “Send interest” button.
  5. You can keep a check on the jobs that you have applied for by clicking on the “Applied jobs” option. 
  6. Update your profile from time to time in order to be the top choice for recruiters. Also, turn on “Notifications” so that you never miss any job alerts.

Bonus Tip: Confidence and optimism will increase your chances to get hired! 

Things to keep in mind

Best drivers deserve the best jobs! Here are some tips for you to land at the best trucker jobs available out there. We don’t want you to settle for less! 

  • Updating your resume from time to time can have a huge impact on your job search as it will help you become the top choice for recruiters.
  • Researching about the companies beforehand will help you become a stand-out candidate among other applicants.
  • Being prepared for interviews will make you feel confident and more in control.
  • Preparing a list of questions to ask the interviewer will help you have a leg up on the competition.
  • Above all, keep your head up and keep applying

For more tips, hop on to our blog,  To find your next job more quickly,  Tips to Get Hired Immediately.

To conclude,

We hope you have a better understanding of How to Apply For a Job via TruckBook as well as how to increase your chances of getting hired through TruckBook. 

We’re always here to ease out the process of hunting a trucking job. Reach out to us at Happy trucking!


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