How to Improve Your Truck Recruitment With Social Media

improve truck recruitment

Gone are the days when recruiting truckers was an easy task. If you are into truck recruiting, then you know how hard is it to truck recruitment and retain truck drivers. This new age trucker is aware of his rights and knows which company is best for him, all thanks to social media! 

Trucking is a thankless job that requires these individuals to stay away from their families for a long time. Hence, to attract these individuals you need to set your business apart from other competitors. 

Here are 5 essential ways to engage your prospective truckers’ on social media. 

Making Use of SEM 

SEO, PPC & SEO – all these acronyms might be foreign to your domain but it is a crucial part of the hiring strategy. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) aims to boost your internet visibility. It is a simple combination of paid and unpaid investment. 

SEM, How exactly is it related to hiring truck drivers? How hiring is associated with marketing? Well, modern-day hiring is interlinked with marketing. The more you promote your company, the more talent you attract.  So by using Pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your links appear at the top of the internet search results. Therefore, potential drivers will view your ads first before those of your competitors!

Post on Aggregators and Job Boards

This is the second crucial way to advertise your vacancy and to improve your truck recruitment.  Every profession has some specific job boards that help candidates to search for jobs in their niche.  That’s why it’s important to advertise your job on trucker specific job boards.  

TruckBook does not only help you in onboarding the right talent but also gives you a roster of all the drivers that have applied, their experience, violations, and so on. You can utilize these details to filter your search, get insights on driver activity and recommendations to find the right trucker for the jobs you post – faster.


Utilize the Power of Blogging 

No one can deny the fact that every person loves to read more about the industry he is working for. It allows him to stay updated with new trends and happenings. Truckers are no exception. Blogs are a great marketing tool it helps you to improve your SEO and your overall internet ranking position.  More internet appearances mean more clicks and ultimately more applications. 

Blogging consistently will not only help you in hiring but delivering good quality content is a must. Publish articles that are relevant to your target audience. If the content is interesting, readers will come back for more. They’ll come for the content and discover your job offers so make sure you feature them on the same page as the articles. The great thing about blogging is it doesn’t have to be very expensive. An employee or guest bloggers can write for your blog to ensure there is regular content.


Email Campaigns 

A blog is one way to hire and retain truckers but that does not mean you forget about email campaigns. Mailers allow you to deliver content directly in your audiences’ inbox. Make sure your mailers are interesting enough that candidates actually wait for your weekly mailer. Here are some aspects of your email recruitment campaign to consider in order to reach more candidates:

  • Informative as well as engaging content
  • Vivid images
  • Strong calls-to-action
  • Customization (especially for the title)


Remain Social 

The great thing about social media is that it allows you to engage your current employees and hire new ones as well. Make proper use of hashtags while promoting your jobs or any other content on Twitter or LinkedIn as it will make your job offers accessible to those typing in specific keywords.  

Respond to comments and messages timely. Interact with truckers in a way that you are building an online community of truckers. 



It’s difficult to recruit truck drivers so your recruitment campaigns should target candidates through many different channels. Job boards, social media, a professional blog and email campaigns are the most effective tools but it’s important to use them strategically. Different practices apply depending on the social media and the certain job boards will generate more clicks than others depending on the position.

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