How to Use TruckBook Maps

truckbook's map navigation app screen

While considering the various requirements of heavy-duty vehicles, TruckBooks’s uniquely crafted “Maps” feature provides the best tools for Truck navigation and helps truck drivers find the most efficient way to reach their desired location. 

With live trucking weather and traffic updates, you can now easily customize and optimize your Truck GPS routes. 
Once you have completed your profile and filled in the mandatory details, you will be able to access TruckBook Maps.

Where can I locate the Maps feature?

Adjacent to the news tab, locate the “Maps” feature. It makes use of the devices’ GPS and gives the truckers access to truck GPS routes and map updates. 

How can I best make use of the Maps feature?

Maps provides a guide to help you beat traffic, know your height limits and road closures, thus making your drive hassle-free. This is how you go about using it.

Enter your Location

Enter your current location and desired destination and get started.

Use the trucking tools

TruckBook provides the best in class trucking tools that enable drivers to find and detect:

  • Weigh stations

Stop at weigh stations and inspect the weight of your truck from time to time.

  • Parking stops

Using TruckBook maps, locate Parking stops easily and make your drive hassle-free.

  • Truck stops 

Locate service stations for rest, refueling and other services.

  • Truck scales

Meet your weighing needs with high performance truck scales.

How to Use TruckBook Maps

We hope you got a better idea on how to go about using the TruckBook Maps feature. 

TruckBook will continue to enhance your experience with the help of our trucking tools and the latest updates. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

If you need help monitoring GPS solutions for your trucks, TruckBook can help contact us today.  

Happy trucking!

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