How TruckBook is Helping Businesses Hire Better

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More opportunities, Fewer Applicants,
Welcome to the new trucking economy! 

One of the most hard-hit industries during & post pandemic is the trucking industry.  As per American Trucking Association, the industry needs to hire 60,000 drivers nationwide to meet growing supply chain demand.   With increasing social distance and WFH scenarios in most of the cities, at some point in time everything in the US has to go on a truck – the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the gas we put in our car. If it ain’t for truck drivers we don’t have all of that stuff. 

The critical situation of the economy is putting a lot of pressure on trucking/freight companies and recruiters to increase their workforce. To help the US trucking economy get back on track and support the supply chain, TruckBook architects have built a product that will speed up your hiring game. 

With 3,000+ trucking companies and over 1million truckers, TruckBook is the #1 app for and by truckers. Get quality drivers that match your company’s preference and requirements with just a click.


What is it all about? 

TruckBook makes hiring easy and hassle-free by giving you quality drivers who are open to new opportunities that match your requirements.


How does it work? 

Step 1: Select location

Based on your preference, select a location of your choice. Once you choose your preferred city, click on the “Get Info” option.

Step 2: Buy the Plan

TruckBook offers 

  • Silver Plan 20 leads/month
  • Gold Plan 50 leads/ month
  • Diamond Plan 100 leads/ month
  • Platinum customized quote

Step 3: Create an account

The last step is to create a TruckBook account. Enter the mandatory fields like Company Name, Phone Number and get started on your hiring process!


How impactful is it? 

Over 100+ companies have subscribed to truckbook employer plans and made use of truckbook data of 100,000+ quality drivers and closed the position in no time.  Get to know more about our personalized TruckBook plans.

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