Online Load Booking Made Easier, More Profitable With These Tech Solutions

online load booking

Running a trucking business from the road has never been easy. It has ups and downs of its own like any other profession. While it gives you flexibility and freedom of open and scenic roads and complete ownership of your work, it also comes with its own unique challenges. Because driving a truck is not exactly like any other conventional job of earning a livelihood.

Sometimes the challenges may seem overwhelming and out of control and it doesn’t get any easier for the owner operators who have to work on the growth of their business along with driving trucks. Because you are the one doing everything at once from online load booking, navigating unknown routes, struggling to get backhauls, managing payments, and so on.

Online load booking


All these aspects have to function smoothly together for your business to grow and make more profit with time. And managing all these efficiently, optimized to your benefit is the biggest challenge among so many others that affect you and your business directly. Such as irregular working hours, lack of sleep, not finding reliable truck stops, no route optimization, and waiting for payment after delivery are some of the major problems owner operators face while trying to make a profit out of their business.

Thanks to technology and online load booking apps, you don’t have to do all this as there is an app for everything. But does that solve your problem? Not really until you have a centralized solution aimed to address the fundamental and day-to-day problems of owner operators.

Let’s start with booking the right loads that comply with your schedules and preferred location. Apart from finding and confirming the booking, you also need to:

1.  Find the best routes available to deliver the load
2. Plan backhauls in advance to minimize deadhead miles
3. Know the best truck stops on the way for a smooth trip
4. Be aware of unexpected roadblocks on the way to save time and cost
5. Make sure the documents are uploaded properly for timely payments 

A  Different Application For Each Solution: But Is That Enough? 

There are various online load booking applications that offer solutions to manage all these different aspects of managing loads. Keeping track of so much data distributed over so many applications makes it even more taxing when all your attention is needed on the road ahead.

To overcome the hassle of tapping through different applications and losing precious time, TruckBook, an app created especially for owner operators, built an all-in-one AI platform where every aspect of a round trip can be conveniently managed in the same place. The tech-first platform has an automated feature for everything from finding top-paying loads in your current location, and booking online to finding the best backhauls available on your way and uploading POD documents with just a few clicks.

An AI-Driven Platform That Makes Online Load Booking And Managing Loads Easier

On TruckBook’s AI-powered platform, you can explore the top 1M+ active loads across North America filtering them as per – your current location, equipment type, and dates. You have to fill out the onboarding form with all the necessary information as truck/trailer type before the operations team quickly verifies it. After you are onboard, you can see a curated list of all the loads that satisfy your requirements of location, rates, and dates.

You can send instant load requests to the ones you find the most suitable for your work schedules. The operations team will get back to you within a couple of hours with a confirmed status of your load interest. Once the online load booking is confirmed, you can track the details like date and time on the ‘upcoming loads’ in the driver’s workbook.

As soon as you have confirmed load deliveries to complete, the automated trip scheduler checks for all the available backhauls in the area and suggests you a round trip in advance, ensuring minimum deadhead miles.

Once you are done with the delivery, you can upload the POD documents directly through the app with just a few clicks. With the help of refactoring done by reliable financial services, your payment is processed in real-time and is most likely to be received in your bank accounts within 24 hours of delivery.

Here is the process simplified in three easy steps that make online load booking smoother and more optimized than ever before.

Step1: Get Onboarded

Step2: Send requests for loads of your preferences

Step3: Get confirmation and start hauling with TruckBook

You don’t need to download dozens of different apps to manage your loads because TruckBook does it all for you in one place with utmost ease and convenience. Here is how you can make more profit with each trip by hauling with TruckBook, an app created to make the lives of owner operators easy and business more profitable while facilitating your online load booking process.

1. Integrated Load board: Find the Top 1% of Loads Across North America Sourced From Thousands of Most-Trusted Load Boards:

The first step of growing your trucking business faster is to find the right loads that pay fairly. TruckBook has partnered with the most valuable and trusted shipping sources to bring forth the top 1% of loads available to haul across North America. More than 2.3M active loads are updated every day on TruckBook platform where you can explore top-paying loads in your preferred location. TruckBook’s Driver Workbook feature allows you to keep a transparent record of all your current and upcoming load bookings in addition to the pending load requests.

2. Automated Trip Scheduler and Route Optimizer: Minimize Deadhead Miles and Earn More with Each Trip

30-35% of total miles driven by truckers are hauled empty making them lose a huge amount of profit every year. You can earn $47,680 per year more by minimizing deadhead miles with TruckBook’s automated trip scheduler. It plans an optimized trip for you based on your location and driving routes using more than 10K data points. TruckBook’s trip schedulers automatically match you with the best available load requirements in your back route making it a round trip with minimum deadhead miles for you every time. Thus, you can earn more profit by getting the best loads to deliver and the backhauls with every trip you take.


online load booking

Image Source: Convoy 

3. In-App Trucking GPS Navigation: Loved and Trusted By Thousands

Swapping through different Truck GPS apps while you are on the road is not easy. TruckBook’s in-app GPS navigation has your back. You can navigate truck-safe routes at your fingertips, plan trips in advance to avoid delays, and get notified about weight stations on the way. In addition, you can explore thousands of top-rated places of interest like food stops and repair shops reviewed and recommended by other truckers.

4. Upload Documents Quickly: Real-Time Document Refactoring and Payment Processing

There are multiple proofs of delivery to be submitted for the payment to be processed. And uploading so many documents carefully without missing anything that’s vital for payment processing is really stressful.

TruckBook’s in-app uploading of all the POD documents makes it very easy to upload each and every receipt without forgetting anything. You can submit the documents directly from the app within just a few seconds. With the help of refactoring done by the industry’s most reliable financial services, your payment is processed in real-time and is received in your account within 24 hours without hassle.

TruckBook is relentlessly aimed at simplifying trucking for owner operators with tech-first and easy-to-use solutions. It strives for empowering each business owner with the necessary tools to grow their business and earn more with every mile while continuously working on minimizing overall wastage and maximizing profit.


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