Tips for Running a Safe and Successful Truck Stop

some trucks parked on a truckstop

Trucking consignments can go on for days, weeks and even months. And while on the road, the only places for truckers to relax are the truck stops.

Truck stops are dedicated service stations for truckers on the road. They provide food, shelter and other miscellaneous services that help drivers on their long journeys.

But what makes for a profitable truck stop? What makes the drivers want to keep going to the same truck stop for a few hours of R&R?

The answer lies in understanding the components of a truck stop that holds the potential to become drivers’ favorite. And you can know that by knowing what the drivers truly need.

While planning your truck stop, start by focusing on what the drivers truly need and then move on to their wants.

Remember: Sometimes drivers need to be on the road for months, so they are really mostly looking for essentials rather than a PlayStation 5.

Following are 5 tips that you can consider while making your truck stop business plan:

1. Scrumptious, Filling Grub

One thing that everyone misses when they’re not at home is food. And finding good food on the road is a hassle. Equip your truck stop kitchen with a chef who can prepare meals that smell homely, and you’ll have hungry drivers ordering seconds. Nothing makes for an annoying journey more than cold canned food for days. And nothing makes for a more satisfying journey than grub that you remember for miles. By offering healthy options in your menu, truck drivers, and other automobile drivers will enjoy their relaxation time while binge-eating on their favourite food. These options are bound to appeal to a broad customer base, their choices and preferences for a fulfilling experience.

2. Resting Areas

Drivers may be facing everyday danger on the road – and thriving – but they’re still human, and humans need to rest. Sleepless driving is a cause of major accidents. Not resting enough can cause their brain to lose focus and avert attention from the road. Provide your driver guests with proper comfy resting areas where they can slip in a little shut-eye. Even better if you have dedicated gadget charging stations with phone, tablet and iPod chargers.

You can’t find warm showers on the highway so consider having provisions for warm showers where drivers can refresh themselves before getting back on the road. Also, make sure that you’re maintaining regular hygiene. Truck stops can sometimes become magnets for germs considering they get trucks and drivers from all over. Failing quality health inspections can prove dangerous for the drivers and truck stop employees.

3. Goods For the Road

Arrange a little shop that faces the highway and fill it with all the on-the-go stuff you can think of. You want your guests to buy some provisions for the road like food, clothes, shoes, toiletries and blankets. Trucks are temporary homes for drivers and they want them to be supplied with most of the daily-use essentials. While drivers usually have with themselves an ample supply for the journey but they may need to buy themselves more chocolate after a Twinkie binge at mile 2758.

You can also have inventories of goodies such as souvenirs with your truck stop branding and other items that travellers can buy for themselves or as gifts for their friends and families at home. Save some space for a convenient ATM where your customers can draw enough cash for their long journeys.

4. Ample Parking Space

Believe it or not, but the need for more truck parking spaces has been declared by the Federal Government a National Priority. But you can help relieve some pressure off of the government by building ample parking spaces for your truck driver customers. Consignment trucks are huge and can’t always find parking lots with big enough spaces. A number of successful truck stops are marketing their brand by highlighting their expanded parking spaces.

Road trucks are very dear to their drivers, plus they cost thousands of dollars. Naturally, truck drivers will prefer a service stop where they won’t have to park within an inch of another truck. At the same time, running a truck stop also means that your travelers and truckers should feel safe at all times. Appropriate safety precautions, such as hiring a security guard to patrol the parking lot or visible reminders for your potential customers will go a long way and serve as a reminder that you care, encouraging them to spend more time at your truck stop.

5. Garage

We’re talking about trucks who have itineraries covering thousands of miles, it’s only obvious that they’ll need regular servicing and repair shops on the go. Provide customers with a garage with quality equipment and services for their vehicles. Include repair options ranging from regular wear and tear to major mechanical changes in cases of emergency. Emphasize on delivering quality work. Truck repair and maintenance is a major aspect of travelling safely during long journeys.

If not a fully functional garage, something as small as light mechanical repairs, changing tires and similar stuff could be a deal maker and would earn you brownie points for your truck stop. Remember, reliability goes a long way to establish credibility and build loyalty.

Your truck stop on the highway will help exhausted truck drivers spend a few hours relaxing before they get back to their journey on wheels. These few hours that they spend refreshing are vital to the revamping of their focus while driving.

Don’t forget that some drivers may be going out of the way to visit your station so providing them with the best of services would be courteous.

Take care of all your customers because they’ll go back home and brag about your exceptional service – only to bring your more customers and make your truck stop a safe and successful one.

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