Top 5 Trucking YouTubers To Follow In 2020

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If you are just starting out as a trucker in the US, there is only so much that you can learn while you are training. Trucking is primarily responsible for almost the entire overland freight transportation in the States – this includes transportation of goods from the plant to retail stores, transportation of materials and waste for the construction industry, and so on. The market valuation of the trucking industry for the year 2019 was worth 791.7 billion1 US dollars and over 947,000 truck drivers were employed around this time – far less than the number actually required.

Becoming an active part of this in-demand and growing industry can be a challenge for rookie truckers, especially if you don’t come from a family of truckers with established connections and networks. Apart from finding resources, there is a lot of decision-making involved – both from day to day, to a bigger picture perspective, and you can always use a mate to help you guide through the process.

For those of you, especially without a network base in the trucking industry, there are some good Samaritans earnestly providing all the information topped with entertainment that you would need to pave your way through the trucking industry. These 5 YouTubers have dedicated channels to share their personal trucking experiences and help you with their know-how, experiences and wisdom to tackle complex situations. Take a look at these 5 trucker YouTube channels.

Nic & Carla

Nic and Carla’s YouTube channel is like the quintessential slice of life experience in trucking. This lesbian couple, along with their dog Nicky (who gets her own voiceover, by the way) truly live by their motto – “live life for a living”!

They are a perfect example of how trucking can be with a partner for company through thick and thin. Currently, at 29.1K subscribers, Nic and Carla’s vlogs treat trucking as an adventure, through which they bring forth the various challenges that truckers typically face on a daily basis. A big plus with their channel is the top-notch quality when it comes to technical aspects of the videos. Through their trucking journey, Nic and Carla have not only amassed fellow truckers in their subscribers’ list but also non-truckers simply engaged in their beautiful story. The pair has recently quit trucking to explore more significant options, but their YouTube channel remains the perfect documentation of their trucking journey for newbie truckers.

Tow Piglet

A hotshot trucker with a hotshot YouTube channel, Alex a.k.a Tow Piglet offers deep and valuable insights into everything that comes with the job. Hotshot truckers typically dedicate their services to one customer at a time, which means that they often operate at less than truckload (LTL) and many times, work at short notice. His channel with a whopping 106K subscribers talks about his experience of many years, the challenges, the solutions, tips and tricks to make your mark, relevant laws and regulations, financial aspects – covering comprehensive topics and answering many questions that rookie truckers might have. He also has a Hotshot News segment where he provides insights on what is currently going-on in the trucking world from a community-building perspective. Tow Piglet is like your friendly neighborhood trucking mentor.

The Crafty Trucker

Similar to Nic and Carla documenting their trucking journey as a couple, The Crafty Trucker has couple Heather and Jason taking their subscribers through their trucking expeditions. This YouTube couple, through their videos provide information on all the how-to aspects around being a trucker.

One of the biggest draws of their 45.4K subscribers’ channel is that Heather and Jason are all heart and positivity. They routinely showcase the beautiful scenery that they witness along their trucking journey, making their videos a treat to watch. The interiors of their truck are unique and exciting, and their usage of high-quality camera and sound equipment to dish out trucking knowledge and entertainment makes their channel extremely engaging.

Trucker Brown

Trucker Brown is your go-to Youtuber for all no-nonsense and honest trucking related information in one place. Coupled with a great sense of humor, Trucker Brown dishes out raw facts based on his experiences to provide rookie truckers with information that is the real deal. He has his 82.6K subscribers hooked with his live streams, where he rants to convey day to day issues on the go. He also takes up questions from his subscribers on a regular basis. Trucker Brown is your perfect trucker friend to help you monetize your work and experience in the field as he will provide you with in-depth knowledge about a host of details around the industry and the job.

Jay Rich Live

Jay Rich is a role model for women trying to make their mark in the trucking industry. Her 22.1K subscribers strong channel had fallen prey to hacking, before she built it up again right from scratch. Jay Rich Live is a charismatic take on the life of a female trucker, the sexism and adversities, the breakthroughs and a lot more! She has grown leaps and bounds, from being a leased driver to now owning her own trucking company. This journey of Jay Rich comes with a rich experience that she shares for her subscribers. She, too, frequently goes live on her channel to take up questions and further help fellow truckers to navigate through their trucking journey.

Wrapping It Up

It always helps to have a pal to reach out to when you hit a roadblock. On the back of their own experiences, hardships and wins, these 5 Youtubers are doing an awesome job to help the truck driver community deal with basic to complicated challenges that they might encounter during their trucking journey. Aren’t you subscribing to their channels already?


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