Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Did You Thank a Trucker Today?

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No matter what the day or season, there is so much truth in the saying, ‘If you bought it, a truck brought it.’ You can always thank a truck driver for all those little moments you celebrate in your life on this ‘Truck Driver Appreciation Week’. You may or may not realize all the life necessitates you use in your everyday life arrived at your doorstep or local store by a professional truck driver.

Most Americans don’t realize how essential truckers are to their lives until there is a disruption that prevents deliveries. This week we are showing our gratitude to all those truck drivers who deliver in the rain, sun, wind, and snow to ensure the deliverables you rely on must be delivered on time.

The trucking industry plays an essential role in keeping the supply chain of the U. S strong. Over 10 billion tons of goods are officially delivered to Americans every year.

8 Ways To Be More Generous When You Thank A Trucker

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we offer a big thank you to all the professional truck drivers for hauling everyday goods that meet our daily needs. Join the growing movement and thank a trucker today. Here are a few small ways to say thanks  to truck drivers you meet today for their selfless work:

Truck Driver Appreciation Week
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Treat a Truck Driver to A Cup of Coffee

“You’ve Always Got Time For A Cup of Coffee” Today when you meet a truck driver at any gas station or rest area stop for a while, say thanks and you can offer them random acts of kindness for all they do. Here are a few more ways you can make them feel appreciated.

  • Give a truck driver a gift card to a local store or restaurant, or tap your card for them.
  • Pay for a truck driver’s cup of coffee while they are stopped at a gas station or rest stop.
  • Buy a trucker a meal when they stop to grab a bite to eat.
  • Buy a shower ticket for them at a local rest area so that they can feel more refreshed and awaken for their trip ahead.
  • Pay for an over-the-road driver’s night stay at a local motel for a good night’s sleep.

Surprise A Trucker With a Pre-Thought Gift

As you know what role truckers play in our day-to-day life, prepare a pre-thought gift before you leave your home today.

  • Gift a trucker with a care package filled with essentials, such as water, canned goods, snacks, paper goods, and hand sanitizer for their long trips.
  • Write a thank you note for a truck driver and leave it at their truck front door. Highlight how they are essential for 3.6 million Americans. 
  • Put up a thank you sign on the side of the road or an overpass.
Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Celebrate With Kind Gesture On Road and Highways

Showing courtesy on road is absolutely the best way to thank a trucker. Here are a few ways how a kind gesture can make a big difference.

  • Show courtesy when sharing the road with a truck driver. When passing a truck, provide enough room ahead of the truck, and be aware of a truck driver’s blind spots.
  • One of the best ways to show gratitude is when you see a truck on the road, give the driver a wave or a thumbs up.
  • Join in bringing back the “Trucker Salute.” Many professional drivers miss seeing and responding to the timeless arm pump gesture with a friendly blow of their horn.
Source: Chicago News

Plan a Lunch Get-Together at the Workplace

Arranging free lunches for all your drivers for the entire week or a day can be the simplest way to thank a trucker. Find their favorite restaurants and tell them the company will reimburse the bill. You can also arrange something like packed lunches for drivers to take on the road with them. 

You can also plan some fun activities for truck drivers and join them to build team bonding.

A Personalized Gift Box Can Work Wonder

Just like Christmas, it’s time to celebrate all those professional truck drivers at work. Make a personalized gift for each truck driver. This will make them feel valued. Some drivers may be passionate about healthy eating, and others may be interested in the latest gadgets like Bluetooth or XM radio, which would be a good option.

Surprise them with A Shining Clean Truck

There is nothing more therapeutic (besides driving over the road) than a clean truck! Truck drivers literally live in their trucks for days and even weeks at a time. Maintaining a clean truck is an essential part of keeping a healthy living/work space for them. A truck is a home away from home for many truckers for long night trips. Maintaining and cleaning their equipment is an essential part of their job, arranging a simple way to clean and service their truck before they enter will be hopefully great motivation for them. 

Truck Driver Appreciation Week
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A Hand Written Notes Would Work Wonder

Today in a busy world kind words are important. Choose written words to communicate your gratitude. A small handwritten thank you note will go a long way in letting your truck drivers know they are appreciated. This is one of the simplest ways of honoring a truck driver. Highlight how important they are for your business and 3.6 million Americans. You can also write a prayer or pray for their well-being when you see them today.

Host Virtual Campaigns and Giveaways on Social Media

Social media is one of the most impactful ways to appreciate all professional drivers across the country. Let everyone know how truckers are changing the lives of people. 

  • If you love singing, dedicate a song to the trucking industry for working their butts off all day every season of the year.
  • Many online campaigns are running on social media like #ThankATruckTrucker join the moment and share your appreciation to encourage others. 
  • Go the extra mile, share a quick one-minute gratitude video, and post it on social media with trending hashtags. 
  • As giveaways are for special events like ‘Truck Driver Appreciation Week’. Create a buzz and excitement around social media about giveaways that foster more driver engagement. Don’t forget to send them freebies for their truck. 
Truck Driver Appreciation Week
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TruckBook Appreciation Truck Drivers

Every day truckers make their deliveries, and each truck driver has great pride in their job because they know they’re delivering the goods that keep America moving forward, whether in crisis or year-round. A friendly wave from behind the wheel or buying a truck driver a cup of coffee at a rest stop, a straightforward act of thanks, goes a long way in showing appreciation for everyday heroes.

Truckers are unsung heroes, leaving their homes and families behind daily to provide the service Americans need. From the significant rig drivers to the delivery carriers and the waste management professionals, these drivers are putting their lives on the line to deliver life’s little moments to us. ThankATrucker today and every day.

This National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, join the #ThankATrucker moment with us for more stories about unsung heroes, visit our social media page @truckbook_app and show some gratitude for all they do.

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