Power Only

Get Unlimited Capacity With Your Own Fleet With Power Only

With our power only shipping solutions, you get to enjoy the flexibility, versatility and scalability of having your own fleet with unlimited capacity without having to worry about the operational overhead like training the driver purchasing different trailers. All this with assured safety through complete freight visibility in real time.

Get Unlimited Capacity With Your Own Fleet With Power Only

Bulk freight doesn’t impact the consistent reliability of our capacity as we integrate the latest logistics technology into moving and delivering your bulk freight ensuring utmost safety and responsibility throughout the entire hauling process starting from loading till unloading.

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Unlimited Capacity With Maximum Flexibility

Unlimited Capacity With Maximum Flexibility

With our power only solutions, you don’t have to worry about contacting multiple carriers for different trailer needs of your freight movement. We find you the best custimized fleet type that optimally fits the size and volume of your load with highest level of safety during the shipping routes.

A Customized Fleet Of Your Choice

Whether you have bulk freight or temperature-controlled load to move, we have got you covered with advanced configurations trailers to fit the specific weight and dimensions of your freight. You can enjoy the scalable capacity with a fleet of your choice minus the overhead of managing the backend operations.

Better Efficiency And Greater Safety

Have enhanced efficiency and greater safety with trailer types that cater to your specific freight forwarding requirements. Make optimal use of the available capacity by dropping and hooking equipment of your choice and reduce overall cost resulting in increased profitability.

Scalable And Readily Available Capacity

Apart from standard flatbed trailers to suit your heavy-weight freight requirements, we can also get customized trailing equipment to fit your specific needs with the help of our vast network of carriers who have advanced equipment types backed with latest technology.

Scalable And Readily Available CapacityScalable And Readily Available Capacity
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Yes, TruckBook App allows you to track the real time status through live GPS tracking on your shipments, from where the load is picked up in transit to when it’s dropped off at its destination.
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Yes. We work together with different units and companies. This ensures you have better access to information, improve your operational movements, and streamline your systems. You can also track and manage your freight across the supply chain in real time.
Ready for ride to the future of shipping with TruckBook?