Chemical Logistics Integrated With Highest Safety Standards

We equip you with chemical logistics expertise and a centered tech platform so you have access to flexible capacity and your chemical products freight is delivered on time with highest safety and efficiency.

Faster And Efficient Retail Transportation, Improved Customer Service

Technology has the retail industry disrupted like never before at present. Customers want delivery to be faster and more efficient in this era of getting everything at the earliest at your doorstep. TruckBook, with its dedicated trailers, specialized for retail logistics, helps you keep up with these challenging demands. Leverage the flexible capacity and deliver the most competitive retail services to your customers.

Industry-leading brands love working with us

Flexible Capacity For Changing Seasonal Demands

The demand keeps fluctuating constantly in the retail but your logistics shouldn’t be rocked. That’s where TruckBook’s flexible capacity ensures your supply chain remains intact through seasonal challenges.

Expand Your Capacity Whenever And However You Want

If you plan to expand your operations, we make the transition smooth for you by connecting you with seamless and reliable capacity offered by a vast truckers network of verified and experienced carriers.

Freight Capacity
Demanded Capacity

Meet The Demanded Delivery Speed With Instant Capacity

When speed is crucial, safety cannot suffer. We help you meet the speed with instant capacity. Whether you want it on the spot or long term contract, you get specialized capacity with ensured safety.

Specialized Trailers For Fast & Safe Retail Transportation

Capitalize specialized trailer equipment like dry vans that are full-sized, enclosed, and designed for safe and secure loading/ unloading and delivery of damage-prone freight.

trailers for safe transportation
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Yes, TruckBook App allows you to track the real time status through live GPS tracking on your shipments, from where the load is picked up in transit to when it’s dropped off at its destination.
To get started with TruckBook, you need to fill out the form with all the required information, and our team will contact you shortly.
Yes. We work together with different units and companies. This ensures you have better access to information, improve your operational movements, and streamline your systems. You can also track and manage your freight across the supply chain in real time.
Ready for ride to the future of shipping with TruckBook?