What Makes TruckBook Different?

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If you’re reading this, you have probably created an account on TruckBook and wondering what the #1 app for Truckers has in its store for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered! Here’s a quick walkthrough of the top features of TruckBook.

Our Value Proposition to Enhance your Trucking Experience.


With live trucking weather and traffic updates, TruckBook helps you optimize your truck’s GPS route navigation.


Through TruckBook, you can filter the jobs as per your skills, experience, location, etc., and get more noticed! Moreover, there are customized filter options for recruiters which helps them simplify their hiring process.

The “Jobs” section helps drivers find their ultimate trucking job by scrolling through various live jobs posted by trucking and logistics companies as well as freight owners and apply for jobs that best suit them.

Head over to “How to apply for a job: Drivers”  for better clarity!

Social Feed

Socializing with people who share the same interest as you will add value to your life. 

TruckBook’s “social feed” feature will keep you updated while being on the road. In addition to that, our interactive and funny content will help you combat your boredom in your free time.


A professional trucking community that helps you connect with people who share similar interests. You can share your experiences with other individuals in the trucking community and build your trucking network.


TruckBook provides a digital marketplace that enables you to buy, sell, lease, or rent commercial trucks easily.

 (You can browse through a variety of trucks or make a sale yourself by posting an ad.)

If you do a search for a GPS navigation app or social community of truckers and especially for  search jobs in the truck industry, you will find a long list of options.

But if you want to build a highly magnetic and connected trucking world, then the journey begins with choosing a platform that helps you truly stay connected with the trucking community, make your job hunt hassle-free, and optimize your daily trucking routing. Because to provide an outstanding trucking application, half of the battle is won by having the right platform in place.

Found these TruckBook features exciting? Now you’re all set to explore the TruckBook app.

We’re always here to ease out the process of hunting a trucking job. Reach out to us at support@truckbook.us. Happy trucking!

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