A Day In An Owner Operator’s Life And A Constant Fight To Optimize Driving Hours


lumpers Fee

Everything You Need To Know About Lumper Fee!

New to the Trucking Industry? You may not be familiar with the term ‘Lumper Fees’ But do you know it’s not for drivers? Here’s all you need to know about lumper fees!

DOT inspections for CDL Driver Disqualifications
Blogs for Drivers

What Kind Of Violations Can Disqualify Your CDL Driver Permit

If you are in the trucking industry in the United States, you are well aware of the effort that goes into getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driver. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the kind of violations that can disqualify your CDL driver!

2 peoples checking truckbook jobs app screens

What’s New About TruckBook Jobs?

With the help of job filters, you don’t need to scroll through hundreds of jobs to find one job which suits your requirement. You can directly go to the Jobs section, apply filters and you will see only jobs that you would be interested in. 

introduction chat on truckbook

Introducing Chat on TruckBook

Chat feature allows drivers to send a direct message to recruiters to express their interest in a particular job. Drivers can directly get answers to their queries.

tips for safe ride

Safety Tips for Truckers to Have a Safe and Happy Ride

It can even be dangerous to travel the speed limit when everybody else is going 10mph faster. TruckBook ensure the safest truck navigation. 8 steps to Identify the on road risks before you start your ride.

calling truck recruiters

Your Next Job is just a Call Away

“Communication – the human connection – is the Key to personal and career success” – Paul J Mayer  Do you feel the need to connect

hire truck drivers

How TruckBook is Helping Businesses Hire Better

More opportunities, Fewer Applicants, Welcome to the new trucking economy!  One of the most hard-hit industries during & post pandemic is the trucking industry.  As

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