Recruiting Next-Generation Truck Drivers Made Easier, More Attractive With Technology


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How to Use Recruiter Dashboard

Hire Truck Driver in 24 hours We at TruckBook, understand your challenges as a truck recruiter. It’s hard to find a candidate that matches your

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How to Retain Truck Drivers

Recruiting and retaining truck drivers is one segment of the drivers shortage, if trucking companies want to retain drivers for longer time they must prioritize improving drivers experiences. Adequate pay remains top.


5 Trending Ways To Recruit Truck Drivers

Technology have made hiring easier, find the right drivers that match your hiring preference with TruckBook. Referrals are the best way to attract the truck drivers.

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Hiring the Right Truck Drivers and Retaining Them – A Short Guide

It is no hidden fact that fleet owners in America have been struggling with both hiring and retaining truck drivers these past few years. It is a typically strenuous and physically tiring profession that involves owners to ensure the mental wellbeing of their drivers. Here are five ways to find new talent and keep them satisfied in their role.

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How to Make Sure Truck Drivers Don’t Decline Your Job Offer?

The major reasons for which truck drivers end up rejecting a job offer, the most basic of them are: lack of respect, empathy and effective communication at companies. Bridge these gaps and we bet that talented, efficient truck drivers would love to work at your company and grow it for good.

How the Trucking Industry is Changing During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost every industry, with businesses having to shut down around the world to help slow the spread. Read on to find out more about how the COVID-19 situation is impacting the trucking industry.

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